9 Common Marriage Problems and Solutions for Newlyweds

9 Common Marriage Problems and Solutions for Newlyweds

“Your first year of marriage will not always be a blissful extension of the honeymoon,” says Phillip C. McGraw, Ph.D., author of Relationship Rescue. Trouble is, when you’re newly married you don’t expect to have doubts, fears or problems.

Most of the discord, says McGraw, will likely boil down to unmet expectations: You’re counting on bliss but you’re confronted with rashes and other everyday realities. Every couple adjusts to the aftershocks of post-nuptial days, weeks and months differently.

I checked in with a few happily married couples I know (all of their names have been changed) to find out what rocked their worlds in the first year of marriage. Hopefully, the advice doled out to them by our experts will help the two of you emerge from your first wedded year on solid ground.

1: What, we have to be together every minute?

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