Duty Love & Dharma: Finding Your Way Through Life

Duty Love & Dharma: Finding Your Way Through Life

Finding Your Dharma

Some would say dharma is duty.

Others think of it as their vocation.

Truly though, dharma is doing what you love, because loving is the highest form of duty.

How does one find their dharma?

According to Rod Stryker in his book The Four Desires:

“…dharma has many meanings, including ‘law,’ ‘path,’ ‘order,’ and ‘virtue’. Dharma works with the laws of nature to help each find his or her path. When we find our dharma the highest virtue can be reached for then we are living up to our potential.”

Even the bible says God is love.

But even if you don’t embrace a Christian God, the principle of what is divine as being equal with love is what we can embrace…dharma can be seen as the ultimate act of self-love.

So ask yourself what you love and what you can do that creates joy in your life.

As you seek your answer, you will be setting your feet on the path to find your calling.

You can then see how to make that aspect of your life grow.

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