How to Attract Relationships with Emotionally Available People

How to Attract Relationships with Emotionally Available People

What are we supposed to do if we’d prefer to have a relationship with an emotionally available person?

The best way to ensure we’re having relationships with emotionally available people is to be emotionally available ourselves.

Emotionally availability is the key to creating and keeping healthy relationships. The emotionally available person can make a heart connection with another person because they have built their reality on a foundation of self-love.


An emotionally available person can bond in a healthy way—fulfilling a fundamental human desire.

Signs that you’re involved with an emotionally available person.

1. Transparency. We don’t have to guess who this person is. They show us right from the start what they’re all about. Their words match their actions. They do what they say they’ll do. They show up when we’ve made plans. They have good follow through. They are predictable—willing to emotionally engage on an ongoing basis. They walk their talk. Authenticity is their middle name—they communicate their truth.

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