The 10 Components of a Satisfying, Loving Relationship

The 10 Components of a Satisfying, Loving Relationship

I was protecting myself by not standing up for myself, as odd as that sounds. But you know what I’m saying, right? It’s when you really want to say something to someone but decide not to because you fear what they will say or do.

In fact, I’m willing to bet that most of us don’t show our true selves because of our fear of retaliation or judgment of some sort.

Think about it… if you knew you wouldn’t be judged or hurt, no matter what, would you make different decisions and have different responses to life’s situations? I’m willing to bet there have been at least a million circumstances where you wanted to say something but chose not to because of some sort of fear in you.

Of course, maybe I’m wrong about you. Maybe you were bad to the bone throughout your life, and said anything you wanted to say to anyone. But for those of us who weren’t as fearless, we only showed the side we wanted people to see.

You can do this and still be authentic, but often times it doesn’t work that way. Most people will show a side of them that keeps judgment and reaction at a minimum so that life is more comfortable.

It’s that “comfort zone” baloney. You think you’ll be more comfortable by keeping the peace and only showing people so much of you. But in reality, what you’re doing is filling your immediate gratification for comfort, causing you to delay the inevitable.

The inevitable conclusion for continuing to show everyone a limited perspective of who you are is typically burnout.

When you get to burnout, you won’t want to show anyone a fake smile anymore. You won’t want to laugh at stupid jokes. You won’t even want to be nice to people anymore because you are so tired of being someone you’re not. And this wears you down.

So today we’re going to talk about how to be the person that can create satisfying, loving relationships. They can be intimate, romantic relationships, family, or even just friends you love dearly.

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